Wednesday, April 6, 2011

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy - Week 9

Week 9: Transitional Genealogists Forum on RootsWeb

In recent weeks, I have been considering professional certification in genealogy research. Even though I have been providing genealogy research assistance to many for quite some time, I recognize that there are certain academic parts of the research, that I need to develop. 

There are several forums and study groups that have been recommended, and one such forum is the Transitional Genealogist Forum located on RootsWeb forums. This group is forcing me to think academically and professionally about the science of genealogy, as much as I love to "spin a good tale”, there are certain facts that need to be preserved in the stories.

Read the back posts from the RootsWeb Transitional Genealogists Forum. This is
a message board for genealogists who are taking the steps needed to become professional genealogists.  Even if you aren't looking into actual certification, the lessons learned here will help make you a more knowlegable educated genealogist.

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