Tuesday, April 26, 2011

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy - Week 17

 Label Family Photos
            Set aside a day, get out your family photos and label them!!!  You’ve seen them a million times because they’re YOUR photos, but what happens when they’re passed down to others? Will those people know the names of everyone in the pictures?
            Some families use their family reunion as a means of getting photos identified, you may not know the people in the photo, but your mother’s great aunt Bertha might. 
            Another means of identifying photos, is to create a Family Facebook Page. One of my lines has a Facebook Page, where we post and share photos.  You might not know everyone in the family Christmas Photo from 1963, but you can post it, and let others in your family tag the photos with the names of your forgotten great-great aunts and great-great uncles.

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