Sunday, March 20, 2011

NEW!!!!! The World’s Largest FREE Genealogy Search Engine

Mocavo launched just this past week, and already many genealogy professionals are giving it high marks.  Providing genealogists access to the best free genealogy content on the web including billions of names, dates and places worldwide. seeks to index and make searchable all of the world’s free genealogy information.

While discovers new sites every day, some of the existing sites searchable on include genealogy message boards, family trees, state and local historical societies, the Library of Congress, National Archives, Ellis Island, Find A Grave, the Internet Archive, various U.S. state archives, and many tens of thousands of genealogy sites built by individuals. Similar to other search engines, honors site owners by linking directly to their content.

Instead of searching you favorite FREE Genealogy search sites, one at a time – now you can search them all at the same time.   Several genealogy professionals reported find NEW information on brickwalls, and several reported finding material that supported major break throughs, I think this site will be a significant contributor to the future of genealogy research.


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