Thursday, March 10, 2011

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy - Week 1 & 2

I mentioned this series in my introduction ,the next few weeks will have double features, until we get ourselves caught up. 


Go to your local library and check out what resources they have available for family history research.  Do they have a special collection, archives, electronic data sources?

The Brown County Public Library in Nashville, Indiana is a great small community library, packed with tons of genealogy information.  There is one complete aisle of the library dedicated to local resources.  Birth, Marriage, and Death Record Indexes, along with Cemetery Records, Obituaries, and Census Indexes dating back to 1840.

In addition, the BCPL houses the Genealogical Collection of FAMILY STUDIES compiled by Helen & Kenneth Reeves.  Over a period of twenty-eight years Ken and Helen Reeve compiled 265 studies of Brown County, Indiana families. These studies are meticulous and contain nearly complete documentation. Most studies feature Van Buren Township families.

An additional 200-300 FAMILY STUDIES have been donated by individuals, and cover most of the prominent family names for the area.

**Note to self-  make an index of the donated family studies, so I have a list of what family names have resources available at the library, and I bet there are more than 300**

If you want to get started looking for your family history, and you don’t know where to start, then get yourself to the library!  If you want someone to show you where resources are located then drop me an email, or message me on Facebook, and I will be glad to come to the library and introduce you to the resources that are available.

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