Sunday, March 6, 2011


So why a blog?  Well, I have been thinking about it for a while, but needed a direction, a focus.  I do a lot of research for people seeking information about their Brown County ancestors, and this seems like a good way to share with you the interesting things I find, while at the same time encouraging and mentoring those of you who desire to learn more about genealogy and ‘finding your roots’.
For the last three weeks I have been teaching genealogy workshops at the Brown County Library on Tuesday afternoons.  The first week, I prayed that just two people would show up…I had 10.  Then the next week, I thought OK, last week was a fluke, so I would be happy with 6 people…well I had 16.  Last week blew me completely out of the water; we met at the historical society archives and over 21 people showed up.  I am scared to think, how many will show up this week for the computer genealogy resources workshop at the CRC computer lab – but let’s hope for 10.
One of the things I would like to include every so often are my replies to research inquiries, it is funny but I have had three inquiries this winter with regards to the Moser or Mosier Family; people from different parts of the country inquiring about different branches of the Moser clan. So I will condense the information that I discovered and share it with you, along with weekly reviews and suggestions to improve our genealogy research skills and introduce you to a variety of genealogy resources.
Happy hunting (for your ancestors, that is)

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